Black Friday Specials
Offer valid from
Nov 26th through Dec 2nd
Deposit required and you can book anytime from now to Feb 1st.

Full vehicle wrap specials

Choose a full vehicle wrap and choose one of the following options.

Option 1. Full vehicle wrap WITH a free ceramic coating on body and windows. $400 value

Option 2. Full vehicle wrap WITH a free chrome delete $400 value

Option 3. Full vehicle wrap WITH $75 off of wheel powder coating of any color choice. (Wheel powder coating retails at $550.)

Wheel powder coating specials

Enjoy $50 off of wheel powder coating with a fresh ceramic coating on all four wheels.

*NEW* caliper powder coating

Book our wheel and caliper powder coating and enjoy a $100 off with a ceramic coating on both wheels and calipers. Also receive free high temp decals to put on the calipers.

Caliper powder coating $750 (Includes full dismantle and completely stripped. Lifetime coating.

Wheel powder coating $550 (Includes dismount, mount and balance of tires and wheels and fully stripped of current color.)

Paint protection film specials

$350 off full body paint protection installation.

$150 off of partial paint protection installation.


The following colors are apart of our super special. You will receive this deal WITH our current full vehicle wrap deal.

 All colors listed are eligible for an additional $300 off the top!

3m SATIN frozen vanilla

3m GLOSS flip psychedelic

3m GLOSS deep space

Avery Dennison MATTE black