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What is vinyl Wrap?

Also known as vehicle wraps or color change wraps, when sheets of self-adhesive vinyl is applied to the body work of a car. We need the paint work of the car to be in good condition as we will need a flat, firm surface to stick too! Unlike car painting, vinyl wrapping your car is completely reversible, the original paint is not damaged at all. 

Over 300+ Colors!

At Aesthetic Styling we keep only popular colors on hand. We do have samples of each and every color we offer.

What brands do we use?

We use only the highest quality brands 3M, Avery Dennison and KPMF

How long will it last?

These two brands are rated for 5+ years outdoor use with proper maintenance.

How long does the process take?

We typically suggest a M-F turnaround time for proper installation. Sometimes we do extend it depending on the exact package you choose to go with.

Steps in the process...

Once your vehicle is dropped off these are the steps taken to ensure a proper install.

Step 1. Full wash, decontamination and clay bar to prep the vehicle for wrapping.

Step 2. Body panels like handles, antennas, mirrors will be removed so that we can wrap further behind them.

Step 3. Wrap process begins.

Step 4. Once everything is wrapped the car panels will be put back on exactly the way it came in.

Step 5 Your vehicle has been completed and we will contact you for pick up!

You can pick and choose the package thats perfect for you!

We run our wraps like a restaurant runs its menu. You first pick the main course in this case it would be a full vehicle wrap. That would be your base price. Then you customize exactly what you want by choosing any options from our a la carte list.

Take a look at our a la carte...

Want a quote catered to you?  

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