Wheel Powder Coating// 

What is wheel powder coating?

Unlike a regular paint process, powder coating relies on an electric charge to ensure the powder sticks to a surface, rather than any kind of adhesive. This happens to be a much more durable


-Wheel powder coating is $695 for all for wheels.

-Lug nut powder coating is $100 for the set.

Turn around time

Typically we ask for a Monday through Friday turn round time. If we are given a few weeks notice in advanced we can cut that turnaround time down to about 2-3 days tops.

What is the process?

The process is simple.

Step 1. We dismount the tires and wheels.

Step 2. We soak the wheels in a chemical bath to completely strip the wheels of their current color and completely clean the surface.

Step 3. We then powder coat and clear coat the wheels and then let them cure.

Step 4. Once complete we then remount, rebalance the wheels and tires.

After that they are complete and you now have a lifetime finish on your wheels to enjoy!